Chris Martin

RADical Hope was established in honor of Chris Martin. On October 26, 2017, while Chris was a Junior at Gonzaga University, he died by suicide.

Chris suffered from mental health issues related to an attachment disorder.  Attachment disorders (including Radical Attachment Disorder (RAD), can be a result of early childhood trauma of many types which can impact a person’s cognitive, social and emotional functioning. For most of his life, Chris was content and joyous, but in the end, he was unable to escape from an occasionally desperate state of mind.

Chris was an adventurer, the first to dance, and the first to help a friend in need. He loved photography, and from behind the lens Chris saw beauty in the world.  Without fail, Chris Martin was compassionate and kind.

Pam & Phil Martin


Pam and Phil Martin established RADical Hope in honor of their adopted son, Chris. Chris exhibited kindness and empathy in everything he did. Through RADical Hope, Pam and Phil honor their son's legacy by working to improve the lives of those like Chris who are suffering from mental health issues.

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