RADical Hope Partners with PeaceLove

We are excited to announce our partnership with PeaceLove, a transformative program that empowers people to share their stories and create peace of mind through expressive arts. We have learned through testimonials and participant feedback that PeaceLove demonstrates the power of healing arts. RADical Hope’s strategic investment in PeaceLove will enhance the program with evidential validation of its effectiveness and expand program delivery.

Sean Price shares the inspiration behind the RADical Hope logo

Sean Price, Chris Martin’s former classmate, shares the photo and story that inspired the RADical Hope logo. Sean worked with Chris in late August 2017, welcoming Parents and Families during Gonzaga University’s Orientation Weekend. Chris lifted the 30 other students we were working with. He provided constant levity and optimism, making the tedious parts of orientation fun, and the fun moments, unforgettable.

Gonzaga University Honors Chris Martin with Honorary Degree

On May 12, 2019, Chris Martin’s memory was honored at Gonzaga University’s undergraduate commencement ceremony with an Honorary Degree. Phil Martin, Chris’ father and co-founder of RADical Hope, received the diploma on behalf of his son. The love from the University and the student class was powerful and supported Chris’ entire family throughout the day. 

Inlander.com tells the story of an unlikely friendship

Their backgrounds are radically different: Phillip Tyler is a black man, a Gonzaga campus security officer, who stepped down as president of the local NAACP chapter to plan a Spokane City Council run. Philip Martin is a white man, a globe-trotting company executive at a Boston-based manufacturer of laser and medical products. But they've been brought together by the similarity of their excruciating loss. Martin also lost his son, a 20-year-old Gonzaga student, to suicide. This Inlander.com article shares their story.